Cold and flu remedies

The makers of the. Airborne products, a vitamin-herb concoction famously invented by a schoolteacher, settled a class-action lawsuit for 22 million and later settled Federal Trade commission charges that they didn't have sufficient evidence to back up their claims. Although plenty of users say it works, your money may be better spent elsewhere. Elderberry One of the cold remedies that everyday health members seek out is elderberry. They might have reason to believe that elderberry extract could ease cold and flu symptoms. In two studies, people with early flu symptoms who took an elderberry extract were more likely to have improvement or resolution of their symptoms within a few days compared to those who took a placebo.

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As a result, the University of Florida researchers called this remedy "safe and effective" for preventing cold and flu symptoms. When adding cold remedies to your arsenal, Echinacea may be useful for preventing cold and flu symptoms. A recent study combining the results of 14 earlier studies found that echinacea reduced the odds of developing a cold by 58 percent and decreased the duration of a cold by nearly a day and a half. These findings support echinacea's benefit in protecting you from colds, the authors wrote. Zinc, cold remedies containing zinc remain controversial, as some research found that they weren't effective against the common cold. A recent study in the. Journal of Infectious Diseases, however, did find that people taking zinc acetate lozenges had a shorter duration of the cold than those taking placebo. The fda recently warned people to avoid using products containing zinc that are intended to be put in the nose, since the products were linked to a possibly permanent loss of smell. Airborne, if you believe the advertisements, the airborne dietary supplement is one of the all-time great cold remedies. But perhaps you shouldn't be a believer.

cold and flu remedies
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Garlic, when cold and flu symptoms begin, many everyday health members reach for garlic. They consume it crushed, steeped aanbieding in hot water, or in capsule form. Garlic could be helpful in preventing colds. In one study, 146 people took a garlic supplement or placebo for 12 weeks. The people in the garlic group had less than half the number of colds, though zwanger their recovery time was similar. Green tea, if you'd like to avoid cold and flu symptoms, perhaps a cup of green tea is in order. In a recent study, a group who took green tea capsules twice daily for 12 weeks had 32 percent fewer participants with cold and flu symptoms and 36 percent fewer days with symptoms than the group taking a placebo.

Cold, Flu, and Sinus Home remedies

"Thyme is a powerful antimicrobial remedy that has volatile oils, like thymol and tannins, which work for spasmodic coughs and for fighting sickness says Clinical Herbalist Arielle hayat, of The Alchemist's Kitchen. "It's antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral, so it can help you sweat out a cold, and also work on supporting digestion (like other herbs in the mint family)." hayat likes to prepare thyme in a syrup. She melts local organic honey and infuses it with chopped onions, thyme, and/or garlic for three hours, then strains it and adds the resulting syrup to warm water or a tea as a tonic for cold, achy flu, or cough. If you use a tincture, the dosage is 1-4. Tea dosage is 1-2 tsp of herb to 4 cups of water in a 6-8 hour infusion three times a day. If you're thinking of growing your own thyme, these gardening tricks can help. Content continues below ad Wild rose istock/KerrickA rose is not just lovely and fragrant—it's also super-duper high in Vitamin C content. And it will help treat symptoms of the common cold, flu, or other infections and illness, says hayat. According to recent studies, every 100g of fresh wild rose hips contains 1,009 grams vitamin c, which is 30 times the amount of vitamin c in citrus fruits.

cold and flu remedies
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Rosemary istock/gaffera"Rosemary is highly antiviral and antibacterial defects sietos says. "Everything you smell in that signature aroma is medicine." How do you take this fragrant elixir? If you're working with fresh rosemary, simmer it in water for 10 minutes and cool. Drink it three times a day until your cold is gone, sietos recommends. If you're working with dried rosemary, take a teaspoon and steep it in a cup of hot water to create a sipping tea. Here's how rosemary can also idiopathische work on headaches. Self-heal istock lianemself-heal is also known as Prunella vulgaris, and it's one.

"Also called All heal, this herb is great for congestion, and it reduces swelling in the lymph glands he says. "It actually has an antibiotic effect against a wide range of bacteria and viruses he says. Self-heal can also be used to treat sore throats, according. Try using it to create a tea and drinking it two or three times a day when you're feeling under the weather. Thyme istock/wmaster890Thyme is a lovely aromatic herb in the mint family that's easily cultivated, and it is probably in your kitchen cabinet right now.

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He says that if you spread garlic and olive oil on a piece of bread or mix it with olive oil, it'll knock out any upper respiratory infections. Check out these surprising health benefits of garlic. Ginger istock/Julia_grafvisionGinger is a muscle relaxant, or an antispasmodic, which means it may have the power to stop the spasm of coughing. It also stimulates the immune system. "When you have a clear phlegm, not green or yellow, take ginger to warm up the system sietos says. Slice fresh ginger into silver dollar slices and simmer it in fresh water for 20 minutes; then drink it like tea.

Add a cinnamon stick or a squeeze of lemon. "you'll notice the cough goes away pretty quickly says sietos. And if your stomach is feeling queasy, ginger can help with nausea too, according to a study in the. British journal of Anesthesia. Also try these other natural cough treatments for relief. Content continues below ad, nutmeg istock/Julia_Sudnitskayaone of the more unpleasant cold symptoms is that achy, restless feeling that makes it difficult to sleep, even though you feel exhausted (here's why you get so sleepy when you're sick.) When that happens, head to your spice stash. Nutmeg contains tryptophan, the same stuff that makes us pass out after a heavy turkey meal on Thanksgiving. Nutmeg is amazing for sleep, according. "Grate nutmeg on your food or into your tea—it'll knock you right out, says sietos.

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Urban Herbalist, steve sietos. "When you have yellow or green phlegm, reach for that garlic. It's highly anti-viral, immune stimulating, and it'll kill any upper respiratory infections he says. Garlic is great medicine for yeast infections and urinary tract infections too, according to research from the birla Institute of Technology and Sciences in India. To use it as an elixir, take a clove of fresh garlic. Press or chop it, and let it sit for 15 minutes. When the garlic reacts with air, a chemical reaction transforms training the clove into a powerful antibiotic, says sietos, who also treats pets with herbs.

cold and flu remedies
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Because of its anti-fungal and analgesic properties,. Fratellone uses it to treat bronchitis. It tends to be warming for the body and it dilates your blood vessels, he says. (It also lowers blood sugar concentration and improves insulin sensitivity, which is why cinnamon is also being used to treat people who have diabetes, according.) If you're fighting a bug, create a cinnamon tea by pouring boiling water over the herb into. Fratellone recommends one cup two or three times a day. You can buik also sprinkle it on your food or in your latte. As a bonus, cinnamon has been shown to aid weight loss! Garlic istock/goodween123This stinky plant does way more than flavor your tomato sauce. Garlic is antibiotic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial, says Clinical Herbalist and New York city-based founder.

Oregano istock/VitalinaAlthough oregano is best known for giving pizza and pasta an extra kick, patrick Fratellone, md, a leading integrative medicine doctor and registered herbalist with the American Herbal guild, recommends reaching for this herb to treat a hacking cough. "Oregano is a powerhouse of flu-fighting properties since it's antibacterial, anti-fungal, and an antioxidant, and it can also be used an expectorant to treat lung or respiratory conditions says. You could take knieholte an oregano capsule twice a day with meals, but if all you have on hand is a bottle of the dried herb, you can make an oregano tea: pour 8 ounces of boiling water over 1 teaspoon of dried oregano and let. If the taste is too bitter, add some raw honey. Aim to drink two cups a day. This elixir can also be used topically to treat skin infections and calm down an upset stomach. Check out the impressive health benefits of oregano oil. Cinnamon istock/amiteThis woody aromatic herb in your culinary closet has secret powers besides flavoring oatmeal and cookies.

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VapoRub, vicks VapoRub also made the list of members' favorite flu and cold remedies. The menthol in the age-old remedy can affect nerve endings in your stuffy nose and make you feel less congested. However, a recent study cast doubt on this treatment, finding that it may make you create more mucus that your body has more trouble clearing away. If you do use it, don't put it in or near your nostrils. Hot Brandy, search the terms "common cold" and "brandy" online, and you'll find thousands of entries in which people have spoken highly of brandy as one of the age-old cold remedies. Although plenty of old-timers may have mixed themselves a hot toddy to help forget the discomfort of a cold, doctors are reluctant to recommend alcohol as a remedy. And the American Lung Association says you should avoid alcoholic beverages during a common cold, since they can lead to dehydration.

even fatal complications. Self-care methods may help you feel better if you have cold and flu symptoms. Here's a look at cold and flu remedies that everyday health members use when they're feeling under the weather. Chicken soup, if your grandmother always said you should have chicken soup when you have a cold because it will make you feel better, our data would certainly support that says Stephen Rennard, md, university of Nebraska. His research suggests that chicken soup prevents cells in the body, called neutrophils, from increasing mucus production, and could work as an anti-inflammatory during a cold. Therefore, including chicken soup in your cold remedies makes scientific sense. Honey, many everyday health members add honey to their cold remedies, and some evidence shows that this might be useful for cold and flu symptoms. In a recent study from the. Archives of Pediatric adolescent Medicine, parents of 105 kids with upper respiratory infections rated honey higher than cough medicine for relieving overnight cough and sleep difficulty. Honey can sore throat irritation.
Cold and flu remedies
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    Its active ingredients include flavonoids, chemicals that have many therapeutic effects on the body. Raw Garlic According to fundamentals of Microbiology, many research studies have identified a sulfur compound called allicin as one key to garlics antiseptic properties. Warm baths Sometimes you can reduce a childs fever by giving them a warm sponge bath. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil might also stimulate your breathing.

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    And, hey, even if it doesnt help with your body aches, itll probably relax you enough to where you can get a nap (which you need when youre sick). Research suggests that it can also ward off the feelings of nausea that so often accompany influenza. If you still feel sick after a few weeks, make an appointment with your doctor.

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    Here are some recipes using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Since we started enacting this protocol whenever we feel a little throat tickle, none of us have gotten full-blown sick (and one of us is a three-year-old—holy germ magnet, batman). Besides its potential benefits for your immune system, yogurt is a healthy snack that provides plenty of protein and calcium.

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    For example, it may ease sore throat pain and nasal congestion. The health benefits of ginger root have been touted for centuries, but now we have scientific proof of its curative properties. Low-sodium soup also carries great nutritional value and helps keep you hydrated. It may also decrease the severity of cold symptoms.

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