"Bone microanatomy and lifestyle: a descriptive approach". "National estimates and race/ethnic-specific variation of selected birth defects in the United States, 19992001". "The Great divides: Ardipithecus ramidus reveals the postcrania of Our Last Common Ancestors with African Apes". "Rückverlagerung der Chiari-ii malformation innerhalb weniger Tage nach minimal-invasivem Patchverschluss ans Hinweis für einen effektiven Verschluss der Fehlbildung". "Current status and prospects of fetoscopic surgery for spina bifida in human fetuses". "Arithmetic processing in children with spina bifida: Calculation accuracy, strategy use, and fact retrieval fluency". "Scaling: Why Is Animal size so important?".

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Worldwide supplier of zoöloog Oriental area rug cleaning, dusting and drying equipment. "Bone density and the lightweight skeletons of birds". "Systematic review of birth prevalence of neural tube defects in India". "Evaluating the macroscopic yield behaviour of trabecular bone pillow using a nonlinear homogenisation approach". "Shear Strength and Fatigue properties of Human Cortical Bone determined from Pure Shear Tests". 's Nachts is hooi alleen voldoende. "Neural tube defects: prevalence, etiology and prevention". "Spina bifida occulta of S1 is not an innocent finding". "Hindbrain herniation develops in surgically created myelomeningocele but is absent after repair in fetal lambs". "Endocrine regulation of Energy metabolism by the skeleton" (PDF).

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Maat XS: cm maat S: cm maat M: cm maat L: cm maat XL: cm maat xxl: cm maat xxxl: cm Opmerking: geen verzendkosten Donjoy lumboforce 3 Shipping Indicaties voor de donjoy lumboforce 3: Lage rugpijn, Preventief tijdens het werk Spondylolisthesis Degenaeratieve aandoeningen van. Maat XS  : 65 - 75 cm maat S: cm maat M: cm maat L: cm maat XL: cm maat xxl: cm maat xxxl: cm Opmerking: geen verzendkosten Rugbrace back support Shipping Indicaties voor de rugbrace: Chronische rugpijn Helpt de rug recht te houden taillemaat. Functional, elastic back support with double velcro closure. In different areas are a solid pad. This support is ideal for athletes, even under harsh conditions This brace has been tested and very well received. Aid is also under severe conditions are excellent. The closure (buckles) are so strong that one does not need to fear that they come off during exercise. In addition, the material well ventilated so that even under hot conditions the brace not get irritated. Indication: Preventive or during resumption of activities about Lasting lumbago size s : 60 - 70 cm M : 71 - 86 cm L : cm xl : cm xxl: cm Lombaskin back brace Shipping Functional stabilizing back brace.

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Prevention of lumbar pain (effort, bad posture). Support of the abdominal wall. Recommendations for placing the article: touching the belt with the label on the inside facing. The left edge of the flat left in place. Places the velcro and tension control as desired (the velcro is not properly placed folded).

Maintenance: Only hand wash at 40 c with a mild detergent without bleach or fabric softener. Get rid of water by compressing, do not wring. Dry away from heat sources. Composition: Polyamide 76 Polyester 14, 10 elastane colour: White, beige size 1: 52 - 62 cm 2: herbal 63 - 74 cm 3: 75 - 89 cm 4: cm 5: cm 6: cm Improve back support A (19cm) Shipping Improve the braces give you the opportunity. (Infinitely adjustable) indication: Acute pain in the lumbosacral region. Preventive during heavy work. Pelvic Scope S: 75 cm M: 75 - 85 cm L: 86 - 97 cm XL: cm front height 11 cm back height 19 cm Donjoy lumboforce 2 Shipping Indicaties voor de donjoy lumboforce 2: Lage rugpijn, Preventief tijdens het werk Spondylolisthesis Degenaeratieve aandoeningen van.

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Eenvoudig aan te leggen door geïntegreerde aantrekhulp (insteekprincipe) hoogte 24 cm Indicaties voor de donjoy lumboforce 1: Lage rugpijn, Preventief tijdens het werk Spondylolisthesis Degenaeratieve aandoeningen van de wervelkolom Discopathie osteoporose mogelijk met wervelfractuur voor de juiste maatvoering meet de omvang van de taille. Maat XS: cm maat S: cm maat M: cm maat L: cm maat XL: cm maat xxl: cm maat xxxl: cm Push Med backbrace push Shipping The push med back brace improves the position of the lumbar spine which reduce pain. By tightening the elastic compression straps are provided which support the applied metal reinforcement elements is enhanced. Compression is to your preferences easily adjusted. The reinforcement elements are individually adjustable.

Indication: * Spondylolisthesis * spondylolysis * Degenerative disorders of the lumbar spine (lumbar arthrosis) * discopathy * Osteoporotic lumbar fracture impression * Postoperative treatment intended Use * Stand; * Run; * Relieve back pain; * maintain your own health. Size 1: 65 - 75 cm 2: 75 - 85 cm 3: 85 - 97 cm 4: cm 5: cm More details Rugbrace dynacross support Belt Shipping Thuasne dynacross lumbar support belt and abdomen, the right posture. New breathable elastic (patented) Combitex 2 fabric, which makes for a great comfort. Crossed tissue bands (analogous to the morphology of muscles). Flexible boning at the back (dynamic promotion of a proper posture). Indications: Support in loin pain without complications.

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The push care back brace provides pain relief for lower back pain by an evenly distributed compression. Locally on the flank lower back makes a soft, comfortable pad for a comfortable pressure sensation by means of four pressure points. The pad is removable and compression to your preferences easily adjusted. The brace is by design and material are comfortable to wear when standing or sitting activities. Home but also in the workplace. The anatomical fit is tailored to both men and women and guarantees good position retention. Due to the good connection to the body, the brace is not noticeable when worn under clothes. Indication: Low back pain, Prevention at work, click here build car push back brace new, size 1: 65 - 75 cm 2: 75 - 85 cm 3: 85 - 97 cm 4: cm 5: cm Donjoy lumboforce 1 Shipping de donjoy lumboforce 1 is een.

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M de specialist in shapewear voor mannen

Once the order has been paid, will receive an email with the barcode! Bioskin Backskin Women, bioskin, shipping, functional, elastic rugbandage with double velcro closure. In the lumbar region is located a removable pad. By tendons double lock properly and fully adjustable for desired compression. Indication: Low back pain, Prevention at work, size. XS: 60 - 65 cm, s: 65 - 75 cm, m: 75 -. L: 85 - 95 cm, xL: cm, xXL:. More details, push care backbrace, push, shipping.

Sportbrace, home back brace, a back Brace and / or Back bandage is very suitable to support the back where it is needed. For example, in conditions such as Osteoarthritis (osteoporosis Osteoporosis, Slippage of vertebrae (spondylisthesis) But also with a hernia in the lower back (HNP) extra support or protection is desired to reduce the load on the nerve root. A back brace gives firmness and protection. A back strap or back bandage gives decompression space to the nerve roots and provides firmness and protection around the back so that movements are inhibited where necessary and the muscles are relieved. The pelvis also forms an important part of low back complaints as a foundation under the low back. The cause of many lower back complaints is also in the si joint. Delivery within 24 hours or before 16:00 hours the next day! Note: If the product is not in stock the delivery time is 1 to 2 weeks. New products, all our products are postnl via.

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    Tenenspreider Hallux Valgus (per paar) zo aangemeten. Maar ook bij een Hernia in de lage rug (HNP) is extra ondersteuning. Verlaagt de pijn bij druk van bijv. Een, rugbrace geeft stevigheid en bescherming, een, rugband.

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    Indicaties voor gebruik tenenspreider Hallux Valgus (per paar). Deze uiterst moderne gel sok wordt dan ook speciaal door ons (para)medisch team aanbevolen voor mensen die last hebben van harde schoenranden en/of gevoelige huidplekken. De achillespees gel sok is enorm rekbaar en in geval van twijfel adviseert Podobrace om voor de kleinere maat te gaan. En door de teenspreider onafgebroken te dragen nemen de tenen na verloop van tijd hun oorspronkelijke stand weer aan.

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